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WebP to JPG, PNG technology to convert your image files.

Web development industry is constantly growing. It is making progress in the direction to speed up the website by using latest available technology and allow users to surf any webpage without waiting for even seconds.

You might have experience certain website takes too much of time to load. The fundamental reason for the slow loading website is the amount of the content it has on the page. The content might be anything. It can be the text content, the coding used for website development, third party information, videos and most commons are images.

In the majority of the cases, the images are the culprit of the slow loading website. The image contains heavy files that take too much of time to first download on your computer through the browser and serve on the webpage.

webp to jpg png

Challenges to stay ahead:

As we see top browsers are focusing on the fast loading websites to provide extraordinary services, the images sometimes create a big issue for the websites.

In addition, images are an integral part of our visual experience. Humans are good at remembering and understanding the image content better compared to the text content. We need images on the website with the content to represent the thought effectively.

We can not avoid image content completely. This is where the problem started appearing in the web world. Since the beginning of the internet, many companies are trying to develop the technology that will compress the visual content such as images and videos into small size file without compromising the quality of the file.

The challenge was accepted by many companies are they started working on it. The Webp is the product of the consistent development in finding the solution to reduce the image file size. We have achieved the goal of minimizing the image at the level where it can use on any web portal without compromising the quality.

It works best on all the devices and never gives any problem to any device. Since the availability of the webp image compression technology many top web portals such as Youtube, facebook and twitter have accepted it to update their existing image file with the new files system to reduce the overall file size of the image storage.

The technology has made significant progress in the web industry. Many top companies are now using the technology and reducing their overall data size to minimum capacity.

Let see what Webp is and how it works.

WebP is a new image format available for the compressing your existing image file to the lowest possible size without compromising the overall quality.

The WebP image format was developed by Google in 2010. The format allows the users to store the image in the two types lossy or lossless format. The Google clearly states that the final output of the WebP format images will be 34% less compared to the most commonly used JPG or PNG files.

The company believes the adaptation of the new image format will reduce the strain on the image viewing portal where most of the activities are relies on the visual appearance. It is majorly focusing on the improving the website speed to provide the users fast loading websites.

People will get to experience fast loading website even the website has many images on the page. The low capacity of the WebP format allows the browser to download it instantly without using much bandwidth.

Quality level

Technical Details:

The WebP image technology works on the prediction. The blocks of the pixels in the image are predicted on the basis of the surrounding blocks. By using the code, the blocks of the difference between the prediction and the reality is encoded to generate the final outcome.

The efficiency of prediction the block accurately many blocks in the images contains a zero difference which results in greater compression. As a result, you get smaller file size image.

In the WebP lossless compression, the technology is used to scan some part of the image and on the basis of that data it analyzes and decides what rest of the part will look like. By analyzing the data, it constructed the final image and presented to the viewer.

WebP Support:

Currently, the WebP is natively supported by Google Chrome and the opera browsers. Other websites are also joining the WebP community. Soon you will see Webp format images everywhere on the web.

Many designer tools also started accepting the technology, and they are integrating it into their software and online tool. Developers all around the world started giving support to varieties of image editing tools.

The Webp software includes the lightweight encoding and decoding library libwebp with the command line tools. The cwebp and dwebp command line tool will help you to convert images to Webp format. It also provides the image viewing option, muxing and animating webp images features. The full source code is available on the Google Webp file page where you can download it for free.

The benefit of the Webp image format:

There are various benefits available in the Webp images format. We will look at the some of the top reason why webp is best for the web pages.

  1. WebP to JPG, PNG image conversion is very easy. You can choose any ordinary jpg or png file and convert it in the Webp format. The Google made the technology available to everyone so adaptation will become easy.
  2. It speeds up the website loading time and gives you accessibility of the webpage without spending much time on browsing. The speed is crucial for the modern browsers. Almost all modern browsers are focusing on the making the web quick and provide a seamless experience to the users.
  3. Requires low storage space to save your image files. Think about the big sites with millions or billions of users actively participating in the image sharing. On such websites, the images consume a good amount of storage space. By using the Webp technology, the website can reduce huge space in the data center and reduce the strain of the storage files.
  4. Quick download facility enables the users to download webp files instantly as it contains low file size. No matter how slow your internet connection is, the webp file gets download immediately without losing the track.
  5. Used by many top web browsers, social media sites, image editing software already. You are already accessing the webp format files as the technology is accessed many top sites. Have you recently watched the youtube video? If the answer is yes, then you have already experienced the power of the webp format. The youtube uses webp format images on the video thumbnail. It allows the youtube to improve the website browsing speed and render the information quickly.

Tools you need to know: