Converting WebP to PNG, JPG

WebP is a modern image format developed by Google which specifically targets images of higher quality and lesser size so as to effectively reduce web page response times. This can be achieved thanks to the lightly weighted nature of WebP images as they take less time to load and are especially well suited for web pages that have a high image content.

WebP to PNG, JPG

Regular image formats such as PNG or JPG can be converted to WebP format by using a WebP converter which is an online service that allows you to make image format conversions to and from WebP format. When converting WebP to PNG, JPG, the converter makes use of 1 of 2 particular compression techniques to generate compressed WebP images.

Lossy WebP Compression

Converting WebP to PNG, JPG through lossy WebP compression techniques is not particularly recommended as this method results in some quality loss for the image along with the reduced image size. Plus, you will not be able to retrieve the original image data once it has been compressed with this technique.

Lossless WebP Compression

In comparison to lossy compression techniques, Lossless WebP compression is much more suited for converting WebP to PNG, JPG as this technique creates smaller images with richer quality without any loss of the original image data.

Either of these 2 techniques can be employed by a WebP converter to convert and compress images and quality losses can be significantly reduced when converting in mass scale. Some of the other significant points to note regarding using a WebP converter when converting WebP to PNG, JPG can be found listed below.

  • WebP converter is open-source software, meaning it is free for use.
  • It is possible to reduce images by up approximately 25% of their original size while retaining quality.
  • It outputs small, rich quality images that support light-weighted web page activity with faster response times.
  • You can maintain original colors and image quality standards with the converter.
  • It’s simple and easy to use so anyone can be introduced to quite quickly.

Supported software

Converting WebP to PNG, JPG using WebP converter is natively supported on both Google Chrome and Opera web browsers. Additionally, the format is also supported by a number of graphics software like Picasa, Konverter, Photoline, and Adobe Photoshop.

Converting WebP to PNG, JPG

Converting WebP to PNG, JPG can be carried out by either downloading a WebP converter software or making use of an online converter. The WebP image format is still not supported on most applications and you need to have the WebP codec on your system in order to view and handle WebP images on your regular Windows environment. You can also use converters like XnConvert that can help you handle the converting of WebP to PNG, JPG images on your PC.

Here are a few basic steps to converting WebP to JPG, PNG.

Step 1: Download XnConvert for Windows and install it.

Step 2: Open the application and drag and drop the images that you want to convert on to the given interface.

Step 3: Select the image format as WebP from the output tab and select ‘Convert’ to finish.

It is also possible to use online WebP converting services like CloudConvert to convert and handle WebP images easily and efficiently on your Windows PC.

Developer Credits

The WebP image format and the WebP converter software are developed and distributed by Google Inc.

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