The WebP Photoshop tool

What do we have in this article here today is quite impressive because it is all about the WebP Photoshop tool. Adobe Photoshop is a software that supports WebP Photoshop. It allows you to open the Web file formats.

WebP Photoshop

WebP versions are supported in the 7.0, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6 versions of Photoshop. The procedure happens in an easy way, and you only need a WebP plugin. You will have to copy it to your Adobe Photoshop plug-ins folder to move onto the next procedure. The WebP as you would see is a still image format that has been developed by Google. When you have the image formats in WebP what happens is that the image size can be reduced and also the loading time of your image can be speeded. For this purpose, the website will use the lossless and lossy compression methods. This software uses a plugin. You should know how you could get the plugin because only the plugin will support Photoshop.

How to continue the WebP format using a plugin?

The first step is to get the WebP plugin for Windows, and the next is to extract the downloaded zip file. For extraction, you will need the Winzip or Winrar. After the removal takes place, you will find a folder named ‘WebP_v0.5b5_win. There will be two folders respectively ’32-bit’ and ’64-bit’. According to your version, you will have to choose between the two folders. If you have no idea of your version, you can check it by going to the System Information windows and then by going through the following steps.

Windows Key+ Pause/ Break key or Control Panel\System and Security\System. Next, you will be able to find a file named ‘WebP’ in the folder. After that copy, it and paste it into your Adobe Photoshop Plugins directory. Finally, launch Photoshop and open the WebP format image by dragging it into Photoshop UI. Everything is fine now; you could get your work done! The importance of getting this plugin is because Photoshop does not initially support WebP conversions. Therefore, if you need to try WebP on Photoshop, it is necessary that you have the plugin installed.

Why should you get these image formats?

Here are some of the excellent reasons as to why many go after the file formats WebP. They appear to be 26% smaller than PNGs and 25-34% lower than JPEG images.

It also supports lossless transparency. The smaller file sizes make things easy. It runs on an alpha channel mask and uses a compression algorithm. It also runs on the color gradations that are very smooth. These facts are the things that you have to know on the WebP Photoshop. The article here is on WebP image formats, and now you might have a slight idea of this Photoshop tool and how it cooperates with the WebP. Get the plugin installed and see how it works. Here are all tips on the WebP format on Photoshop and how it works.

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