All about the WebP Converter Mac

The WebP converter by Google makes the Web to run speedily. The best software to convert the PNG files and the JPG files to the WebP formats is the WebPonize. The WebPonize is an application that can be used on the Mac versions. This new Mac version is a release by the alpha. You will have to drag and drop the images to get it into the right format. The WebPonize is an open-source application. With this application here, you will find it easy to reduce the size of your images.

WebP Converter Mac

This application is a Mac OS utility application. After dragging and dropping is done, your image will automatically change to the WebP format. The WebPonize supports the use of multiple copies to be converted at the same time. On the screen, there is a list where you would see the size of the original file listed in bytes. However, it does not support the size measurement unit, but it will be possible for you to reduce the size of the image keeping the quality of the scale the same. WebPonize supports image compression, and you can change the image in a way that suits the users online.

About XnConvert

Other than this application, another supportive image converter into the WebP is the XnConvert. It is an image converter that converts images in batches. With this application, it is also possible for you to resize the pictures that you have. Any image format such as the PNG, JPG, TIFF, and GIFF will be supported in this version. Other interesting tools in this modern version can be listed as the addition of watermarks, rotation of the images, adding text, etc.

Other than converting the image formats to the WebP image format, you could also have other benefits from this application. What are some of the other unique features in this application? The version supports the addition of files and folders. Further, it helps the drag option and the drop option. The other benefits are that you could rotate images, resize the pictures, or crop the photos. You could also add photomasks on the converted image. There is also the chance of supporting multiple image file supports. It also has a range of beautiful filters such as the “Emboss,” “Sharpen,” and the “Blur.” It also has gorgeous effects that you could try on the images that you have.


If you want to continue speeding up your website hurriedly, it is best that you convert the images that you have to the WebP format. With this format, you would see your file sizes reducing in size, and your web pages will load in a faster manner. Further, this image format reduces bandwidth usage. The page performance also increases with the change of the original image format into the WebP image format. The above two applications are regarded as the WebP Converter Mac, and you could get your job done with this version on your Mac successfully. Try the WebP converter Mac version!

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