The WebP Converter lets you convert existing image formats such as JPG and the PNG to WebP versions. Why do people want to get the WebP versions? Here is the reason as to why? The WebP is a new version supported by Google when it comes to images. The Google WebP Converter is the best when it comes to getting on with conversions. The WebP supports lossless and lossy compression for images that are on the web.

Google WebP Converter

The Google WebP converter is ideal if you want to create smaller, more vibrant photos, which will make the internet do its tasks faster. If you take the WebP lossless photos, you will come to know that they are 26% smaller in size when compared to PNGs. If it is a WebPlossy image that you have, you will find that it is 25-34% lower than the JPEG image formats. The lossless WebP images support transparency and will be just 22% additional bytes. When the transparency comes with the lossless WebP images, you will find those images to be 3× smaller in file sizes if you compare it to PNG.

In the conversions, these two formats are what is used. In the lossyWebP compression, you would see the predictive coding used to encode an image. What happens is that the values in neighbouring blocks of pixels will be used to predict the values in a block, and then only the differences are encoded to construct the image. The image fragments that are already available is used to reconstruct new pixels and construct the image. Suppose there is no match it then turns to the local palette. A WebP file will usually have the VP8 or VP8L image data. It will also have a container that is based on a RIFF.

What are the Supportive browsers for WebP?

Certain browsers would support the WebP image format. Those browsers include Google Chrome and the Opera browser. You would also come across other tools that also comes with a variety of image editing tools. The WebP when converting images uses the lightweight encoding and decoding library. It also runs on command-line tools such as CWebP and DWebP. These commands are essential for the conversions of different image formats to the WebP image format and WebP image formats to other formats.

Downloading the Google WebP Converter.

Here is how you are going to try out the conversion. First, you will have to go to the Chrome or Opera browser through any platform. The WebP images are smaller in size and are high in quality. After that give a right-click and then proceed to “open the image in new tab” option. After that, you will have to click on the URL button and delete the three characters, which are at last. Now press “enter.” Now you would see that the image has been automatically converted to the JPEG or the PNG format. This way is one way that you could try to convert a copy to the WebP format.

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