What is Online WebP Converter?

Here is a conversion that is going to help you in converting the image formats that you have. The images that are in PNG format can be saved to the WebP images. In here, thus you will have to know the difference between the PNG and WebP formats. Well, what do you have to understand about the PNG? These image formats are pronounced as ping. IT is a way of storing bitmapped (raster) images on computers. These image formats were created to replace the GIF file format. This file format, which is here, is based on indexed colours and lossless compressions. They use an 8-bit transparency channel and is much better than the GIF files.

Online WebP Converter

What happens in this file format is that the colours will change from fade to opaque and then again too transparent; In the Ping formats, it uses 24-bit RGB colours, RGB images or greyscale or RGB images. However, it does not support CMYK colours. These PNG colours can be converted to the WebP formats, and you would see to get it done there are online sources available. The article here will focus on how you are going to convert an image using the Online WebP Converter. It is a converter designed especially for conversions of models to the WebP images.

What is WebP?

Before you convert the images to the WebP, it would be better to have an idea about what is these images. The Google-developed this particular image format in 2010. These image formats support two types such as the lossy or lossless format. Pixels are used here. When compressing such images, parts of images are used and analyzed to get on with other parts of the image.

With this solution, your image size goes down, but there is no difference in the image quality. The image quality stays the same, and there is no significant difference in the size of the image changes because the quality remains the same. The Chrome, Opera, and other mobile browsers support the WebP conversion. One of the best software to convert an image into the WebP format is the Optimus Image Optimizer. It is a plugin that you could use the WordPress Cache Enabler plugin. The steps that you will also have to follow are simple.

Here is how the procedure to convert images to WebP formats work if you are using the Optimus Image Optimizer. The first step is to get this plugin and install the plugin successfully. After that, the procedure will need you to enable WebP files in the Optimus settings. After allowing is done, any image uploaded to the WordPress media library will be converted to WebP automatically. By following the steps listed here, you could successfully get your images saved to the WebP. After you went through this article, you will have an idea as to how you are going to convert images to the WebP using the Online WebP Converter. Have fun with the Online WebP Converter.

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